Saturday, November 1, 2014

Win A Buy My Store From Brenda's Scrap Design

I've decided to offer my blog followers the chance to win a "Buy My Store",  This would normally cost $40.00 but if sold individually it would add up to well over $2,000.00.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is sign up for my newsletter at the top right here on my blog.  Now all you faithfuls that are already receiving my newsletter need not worry, you will be added in the drawing as well.  I intend to keep track of every name on the list & around December 20th I will draw the name.  Who knows.....I may even draw out 2 names,,,lol  In fact I plan on drawing several names.  Anyway please get the word out to your friends & lets see how many people join.  I plan on drawing one name for every twenty people that join.  Thanks for all the comments, I so appreciate you all.

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