Friday, July 26, 2013

I've been absent for a while but I'm back!!! :)

Hi gang sorry it's been so long.  My mother got very sick so I've been out of town for a little over 2 months.
I have a new freebie for you below & I hope to add more freebies as time allows.  
Below are my newest kits, I sure hope you like.  I have a lot of other new items in the stores I just didn't get the chance to add them here.  So enough typing here are the previews of my latest kits.

Also.....Please signup for my newsletter.  As soon as I have enough people I will be sending out freebies & updates,

And finally the freebie!


  1. lovely thanks so much

  2. Always love your glitters. Thanks

  3. Praying things are better for you! Thanks for the yummy freebies!

  4. Thank you - great colors!